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1-2-3 Income Tax Services takes the stress out of non-filed tax returns. We provide fast and efficient filing services, in addition to professional guidance and excellent client support. Whether you operate a business or have yet to file your personal income tax, you can take advantage of our affordable, dependable services.

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1-2-3 Income Tax Services Late Tax Filing Services

Quick, painless, and stress-free tax filing awaits. At our firm, we strive to make filing your tax returns as easy as possible. We provide a complete service experience, taking care of the entire process ourselves, with minimal effort from you.

We are a full-service tax agency with the expertise to help you with all income tax-related issues. Whether you are late on your tax return or haven't filed in years, we'll be there to assist you.

We can help with:

  • Filing personal tax returns
  • Filing corporate tax returns
  • Filing estate tax returns
  • Paying overdue taxes
  • Overdue tax returns
  • Late filing penalties
  • …and more

Whatever your situation, consider us the premier choice for filing your tax returns.

Compassionate Advice from a Back Taxes Specialist

If you owe back taxes to the CRA, we are happy to offer a no-obligation consultation to all those in need of help with their taxes. You can expect compassion, empathy, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Our consultations are held in strict confidence between each client and advisor. With us, you can expect considerate care from a qualified professional.

Owing back taxes to the CRA is not a crime, although it can be uncomfortable. What should be avoided is non- filing of tax returns, as this could be deemed income tax evasion. A reasonable approach is to arrange a payment agreement with which both the CRA and you can accept.

Our consultations follow a client-centered approach tailored to your individual needs. When you choose us, we take the time to get to know you and the precise details of your situation. In the process, we're able to develop more comprehensive solutions for our clients' tax situations.

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Overdue Tax Return? Avoid Penalties with Our Help

If you owe the CRA money in back taxes, you may be incurring late fees and interest charges. 1-2-3 Income Tax Services can help with that.

If you're worried about late fees, we can help you determine your tax classification and find out whether you owe the government money. From there, we can figure out your next steps to determine if you qualify for filing a waiver of penalties or interest. With our prompt and dependable service, you can trust that you'll soon have the peace of mind you deserve.

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Fast and efficient, dependable and professional—when it comes to filing your taxes, our services are superb.

We’ve helped countless clients file their taxes, find deductions, and save time and money in the process.

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